Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Searching new opportunities

2008 was a very busy but also very successful year for me.
  • In January I sold my online gaming company Neodelight.com to 7Seas Technologies (press release).
  • I also did some consulting e.g. for www.fettspielen.de (more).
  • In August I completed my master's thesis titled: "Explanatory Models of Computer Gaming Consumption" an empirical survey focusing on the differentiation of casual and hardcore games (more).
  • In December I wrote my final exams for my Master in Sociology, Political Science and Psychology and now am officially a "Diplom-Soziologe Univ", hooray!
With my company successfully sold and my diploma certificate in the pocket I now have my head cleared for new challenges.

So if you
  • know of any interesting jobs (preferably near Munich)
  • or are in need of a consultant with 8 years of experience in the social, online and casual games market (and an additional year shooting documentaries :-)
  • or you need a researcher who does not only know the business side of computer games but has also researched them from a scientific angle,
then I am at your disposal.

If you want more information on what I did, can do and want to do in the future then check out my LinkedIn or Xing profiles or go back to the main page of my website at www.ulrichtausend.com.

As I am travelling North America until 14th of march reaching me though email might be easier than calling my cell (you find the contact info here).

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